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A kick-off ceremony of “Chungbuk Residents Promotion Committee to host the 2027 Summer WUG”



Chungbuk (Governor Lee Si-jong) took the first initiative among the four cities and provinces (Chungcheong Megacity) to organize the “Chungbuk Residents Promotion Committee (the Promotion Committee) to host the 2027 Summer WUG,” and held its kick-off ceremony on 20 October. The Promotion Committee will be pivotal to creating an atmosphere that encourages people to take a keen interest in WUG and ask for their warm support necessary to the successful bid of the 2027 WUG.


The co-chairs of the Promotion Committee include Cheongju Mayor Han Bum-deok (Chief co-chair), Chungbuk Provincial Council Chairperson Park Moon-hee, Chungbuk Education Superintendent Kim Byung-woo, Cheongju City Council Chairperson Choi Choong-jin, Chungbuk Regional Presidents’Association Chairperson Chae Hoon-kwan, Chungbuk Civil Society Associations Chairperson Yoo Chul-woong, Chungbuk Judo Association Honorary Chairperson Kang Hyung-won and Chungbuk Provincial Sports Council President Yoon Hyun-woo, and Kim Woo-jin, a gold medalist in archery at the Gwangju 2015 Universiade. They will lead the Promotion Committee until the date of attribution of the 2027 Summer WUG.


The Promotion Committee consists of more than 100 people from institutions, organizations, sports communities, universities and residents. It will carry out diverse promotional activities to form consensus and interest in hosting the 2027 WUG in the region, including organizing supporting events and campaigns in our daily lives and active social media promotions.


In addition, Residents’ one heart for the 2027 WUG signing campaign and wearing a hope ribbon for it will unfold until the end of January 2021, when the candidate city of the 2027 WUG is announced.


Lee Si-jong, Governor of Chungbuk, said, “we are gathering the hearts of Chungbuk residents who wish to bring the 2027 WUG into the region,” and added, “I expect that today will become a catalyst for creating an atmosphere of desiring to host the 2027 Summer WUG in Chungcheong”