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(Dec 14, 2021) Signing MOU with Central Council of Korean Cultural Heritage Guides




The Chungcheong Megacity 2027 Summer World University Games (WUG) Bid Committee (CMBC, Chairperson Lee Si-Jong) and the Central Council of Korean Cultural Heritage Guides signed a partnership agreement for the successful bidding of the 2027 Summer WUG on 14 December.


The signing ceremony was attended by four people, including Chungbuk Governor Lee Si-jong, who chaired the bid committee, and Kim Ok-seok, head of the Korea Cultural Heritage Guides Central Council, representing about 3,500 guides across the country.


The agreement includes promotional activities and various support tasks aiming at tourists by cultural heritage guides who are actively working in major tourist destinations across the country and cooperate to host the 2027 WUG successfully.


An official from Chungbuk said, "Through this agreement, we will have the full support of 3,500 volunteers from across the country, which will be of great help in hosting the 2027 WUG."


The Korean Cultural Heritage Guides Central Council represents about 3,500 culture and tourism guides nationwide. It has been actively participating in administrations of cities and counties gathering around the president Kim Ok-seok, not to mention the welfare and status of cultural heritage guides.