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(Dec 14, 2021) Sejong City, Launching the Chungcheong 2027WUG Promotion Group


Sejong City (Mayor Lee Chun-hee) held a launching ceremony for the Chungcheong 2027 Summer WUG Promotion Group, which will be the center of mobilizing citizens' capacities to host the 2027 Summer WUG at Sejong City Hall on 14 December.





The ceremony was held with only 40 people attending to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including Mayor Lee Chun-hee, six co-chairs of the Promotion Group, and city officials.



The Promotion Group (Sejong) was established to host the 2027 Summer WUG in Chungcheong, and is composed of 100 participants from sports communities, universities and civic groups.


They plan to engage in various publicity activities to form a consensus among the people by participating in events to promote the 2027 WUG and posting it on their social media.



In particular, Sejong City Council Chairperson Lee Tae-hwan, Superintendent of Sejong Education Office Choi Gyo-jin, Sejong City Sports Councill Chairperson Jeong Tae-bong, Korea University Sejong Campus Vice President Kim Young, Sejong Residents' Autonomy Federation Chairperson Ahn Ju-seong, and Sejong Citizens Committee Chairperson Kim Seong-bong will lead the committee activities until winning the bid.


The event included screening a video of cheering for the hosting of the 2027 WUG, reporting the progress of the 2027 Summer WUG bid promotion, delivering messages of support, and stagin a performance wishing for the successful bid.



In the cheering video, six co-chairs of the Promotion Group delivered cheering messages, followed by Kim Min-jung, a national team athlete from the Sejong Sports Council, who won a silver medal in the shooting at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



Mayor Lee Chun-hee said, "I think the inauguration ceremony of the Promotion Group is the first step toward building civic interest and consensus." He further asked for citizens’ strong support, "Please join us in our collective effort so that our support and desire can spread beyond Chungcheong and reach to the consensus of the nation."






Co-representatives of the Promotion Group


 1) Lee Chun-hee, Sejong City Mayor
 2) Lee Tae-hwan Sejong City Council Chairperson
 3) Choi Gyo-jin Superintendent Sejoing City Office of Education
 4) Jeong Tae-bong, President of Sejong City Sports Council
 5) Kim Young, Korea University Sejong Campus Vice President
 6) Ahn, Ju-seong, President of the Federation of Residents' Autonomy
 7) Kim, Seon-bong / Chairman of Sejong Citizens Committee