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Signing MOU between the Sports Councils in Chungcheong


The Chungcheong Megacity 2027 Summer World University Games(WUG) Bid Committee (CMBC, Chairperson Lee Si-Jong) and the Sports Councils in the Chungcheong region(Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk, and Chungnam) signed a partnership agreement on 1 December for the successful bidding of the 2027 Summer WUG.


The signing ceremony was attended by Lee Si-Jong, Chairperson of the CMBC, Lee Seung-chan, President of Daejeon Metropolitan City Sports Council, Jeong Tae-bong, President of Sejong City Sports Council, Yoon Hyun-woo, President of Chungbuk Sports Council, and Kim Deok-ho, President of Chungnam Sports Council. They agreed to engage in all-out to host the Games by cooperating and mobilizing their capabilities.


The attendees emphasized the momentousness of hosting the 2027 WUG by saying, “If the first international sports event is held in Chungcheong, it will be an excellent opportunity to take one step closer to the completion of Chungcheong Megacity. Moreover, the 2027 WUG will certainly boot the self-esteem of local people, not to mention of our sports community.” They also raised hopes for hosting the Games as they firmly believed that the 2027 WUG would accomplish the urban, healthy, and vibrant development of Chungcheong through sports.


An official from the CMBC said, “We will continue to review issues to collaborate with the Sports Councils in Chungcheong so that our committee and the sports community can gain more experience and grow together through the Games.”


As a next step, the Sports Councils in Chungcheong plans to hold an “Athletes Day” event and launch a signature campaign to gather the strong will of sports communities for the hosting of the 2027 Summer WUG. Please join us for the event and the campaign!