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Daejeon City, Launching the Chungcheong 2027 World University Games Promotion Group



Daejeon City held the inauguraiton ceremony of the Chungcheong 2027 Summer World University Games(WUG) Promotion Group, which will be the center of mobilizing citizens’ capacities to successfully host the 2027 Summer WUG, at the Daejeon City Hall’s auditorium on 26 November. 




The ceremony was held in the order of screening videos of cheerig messages for the hosting the 2027 Summer WUG, reporting of the bidding progress, messages of support, reading of the declaration of support for the bid, and performance wishing for winning the bid with more than 150 supporters participating.


Vice Mayor for Science Kim Myung-sooof Daejeon City, Daejoen City Council Chairperson Kwon Joong-soon, Superintendent of Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education Sul Dong-ho, five district heads, and co-representatives delivered messages of support. Lee Dae Hoon (Daejeon Taekwondo Team), as the representative of the entire Daejeon City athletic teams, read the declaration of support for the bid.


Daejeon City Mayor Her Tae-Jeong,Daejeon Sports Council President Lee Seung-chan, Hannam University President Lee Kwang-Sup, and Daejeonlove Citizens Conference Chairman Cho Kwang-hwi were elected as co-representatives of the Promotion Group. They will lead the promotion group activities until the 2027 WUG is attributed to Chungcheong.


The Chungcheong 2027 WUG Promotion Group is composed of 200 people from sports communities, universities, and civic groups. In the future, they plan to carry out various promotional activities that spread from civic support to public consent for winning the bid for the 2027 WUG by participating in good-luck events and social media promotion campaigns.


Kim Myung-su, Daejeon Deputy Mayor of Science, said, "We have launched the Chungcheong 2027 WUG Promotion Group to gather the hearts of Daejeon citizens for the hosting of the WUG." Further, he asked for people's strong support to the Promotion Group, "Please do what you can do to turn the 2027 WUG into a one that is supported and enjoyed by not just people of Chungcheong but all the people of the country."