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Cheering for the 2027 Summer WUG with sports heroes


On the 14th, the Daejeon Sports Council visited the Daejeon National Cemetery. It held an event to wish for a successful hosting of the 2027 Summer WUG(formerly known as Universiade) in Chungcheong, with more than 40 people, including Chairperson Lee Seung-chan and executives and the athletes participating in Dream Project*.

The event was held to commemorate patriotic martyrs' valuable sacrifices and practice their love for the country, visiting the Memorial Tower, purifying the graves of sports heroes* (5 people), and wishing for successful bidding of the 2027 Summer WUG.

The sports heroes buried in the Daejeon National Cemetery are Korean sportsmen who contributed to social integration and the promotion of national prestige, and there are a total of five athletes: Son Kee Chung, Kim Seong-jip, Min Kwan-sik, Kim Il, and Jo Oryeon, who was buried in June last year.

Chairperson Lee Seung-chan said, "Today's event was designed to motivate the Dream Project athletes to reflect on the lives of sports heroes and to grow into global sports talents and to form a national consensus and create a boom on the 2027 Summer WUG. "I will do my best to advance Daejeon sports as well as successfully win the bid for the WUG this year," he added.

Daejeon Sports Council plans to continue environmental cleanup activities to commemorate the contribution of sports heroes to the nation in partnership with the Daejeon National Cemetery.

*Dream Project: As one of Chairperson Lee Seung-chan's projects, it selects excellent athletes from elementary school to high school in the district and nurtures global sports talents through supporting their participation in international competitions, offering scholarships, and providing sports science support.

*Sports Hero: Heroic athlete selected by the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee since 2011, who has served as a model for this era through sports and contributed to social integration and national prestige (2021 sports hero: the late Kim Hong-bin, mountaineer)