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Hosting the 2027 Summer WUG with 2.2 million hearts!


Chungnam held a launching ceremony for the Chungnam Promotion Group to successfully win the bid to host the 2027 Summer WUG on the 27th.


Chungnam Governor Yang Seung-jo, Chungnam Council Chairperson Kim Myung-sun, Chungnam Education Office Superintendent Kim Ji-Cheol, and the Council Administrative and Cultural Committee Chairperson Chung Byung-ki were present at the ceremony.


The ceremony was held in the order of reporting the bidding progress, awarding a letter of appointment, and the performance of wishing for winning the bid to host the Chungcheong 2027.


The 2027 Summer World University Games Chungnam Promotion Team works to create an atmosphere to host the 2027 WUG in Chungcheong and raise the interest of the residents. A total of 200 people(66 people on duty, 134 commissioned positions) from local government and council, office of education, 15 cities and counties, universities, sports councils/sports councils for the disabled, and civic groups have joined the group. 


Chungnam Sports Council Chairperson Kim Deok-ho, Chungwoon University President Lee Woo-jong, and Chungnam Development Council President Yoo Tae-sik will lead the promotional activities until the date of attribution of the bid.


Governor Yang said, "The host country and region of the international event will enjoy direct economic effects such as income, infrastructure, consumption, tourism, and employment. And it will also have indirect economic effects of enhancing regional and corporate image and developing a culture and tourism industry. The Chungcheong region must host the 2027 WUG to secure new growth momentum to lead the Yellow Sea Economic Bloc."


He then stressed, "We need to complete the Chungcheong Megacity and administrative capital, and heal our society, which is increasingly divided by polarization and inequality, with social integration and national harmony. I hope that our dedication and hard work will build up and open up opportunities for global unity and Chungcheong's leap forward in the summer of 2027."